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We are very proud to present our documentary about the one and only, Joan Bueno.
This documentary has been a labor of love within our family for more than three years.
Rafael knew that Joan was someone the world needed to know, and with Rafa's love for cinema
and my love for art, we were the perfect trio to complete the idea from conception.
We thank everyone who has supported us along the way.
We offer the documentary here online at no charge. We do have a donation button below
(via PayPal and accepting PayPal accounts and all major credit cards.
you will receive a tax deductible receipt via email after the donation.)
if you would to contribute to the financing of this documentary. 
Many thanks,
Spencer, Rafa and Rafael
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Please note that you can change the language on the donation page in the lower right corner of the page.

This channel is coming soon!
{It is recommended to watch the documentary in full screen mode}
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