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Emblematics is the guide to the emblematic establishments of Barcelona. An essential book to discover the commercial icons created in the city throughout the centuries: a valuable architectural and cultural heritage of today that must be preserved and disseminated. Its edition has been carried out by Esteve Vilarrubí (Catalan Commerce Images Fund). The project has the support of the Association of Emblematic Establishments and the Barcelona City Council. With a clearly functional design and a very careful graphic image with drawings by Joan Bueno and photographs by Esteve Vilarrubí, the emblematic guide wants to be a useful tool that is part of the tourist and cultural route of the city, that helps to increase its knowledge both by the part of the people who visit it and the residents themselves. For this reason it is a trilingual guide in Catalan, Spanish and English. The guide is organized into chapters, corresponding to the districts that make up the city. Each chapter has an assigned color and has a location map of the establishments. A total of 292 pages and 120 establishments make up this book with a foreword by Maya Ruiz Picasso, President of the Association of Emblematic Establishments of Barcelona.

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